NCT DREAM Get Vulnerable And Confess To Each Other— And Now We’re Soft

Who’s cutting up onions in here?

For the last episode of 7llin’ in the DREAM, NCT DREAM decided to gather around the campfire and say something they’ve been wanting to say to another member without naming them. And their conversation was more serious and heartfelt than expected.


Haechan starts off, calling out a member he believes is “a little too scared.”

Next, Jisung spoke of a member who isn’t confident in himself, and wanted to tell him that he “hopes he thinks better about himself.”

Meanwhile, Renjun expressed his gratitude for a member they all depend on.

Next up was Mark, who primarily described the person he was thinking of as “really cute.” But in all seriousness, Mark also expressed his gratitude for this person placing their trust in him.

Jeno chose to speak about a member who doesn’t show their troubles or concerns often. He wondered if they were always hiding their true feelings, and told them that they can be comfortable around the members and show their emotions.

Chenle chose to comfort the member he was thinking of, saying he hopes that this member has more faith and confidence in himself.

Last up was Jaemin, who decided to end on a more lighthearted note to their serious confessions.

You can watch the rest of their confessions and which members they were talking about below!