NCT Dream’s Grandpa Chenle May Be The Last Person To Leave Your Baby With

Grandpa Chenle is quite a bit unlucky.

In a special behind the scenes clip for The Dream Show, NCT Dream were hilariously transformed into old men and given scenes that would fit their personalities.

Here’s What Each NCT Dream Member Looks Like As An Old Man

Somehow, Chenle was selected to fulfill the role of someone’s grandpa. His role went smoothly until a funny incident between him and his “grandbaby” went completely left.

Chenle was completely into playing the part of a loving grandpa. With the fake baby wrapped in blankets, he playfully shook the baby all around, smiling at it. He didn’t think that was enough, though.

He thought the baby was too obviously fake and decided it should look more real, “It should look like a real baby.” Right after he put that idea into the universe, he got a sign that he shouldn’t be holding any babies at that moment.

As he spun around with the baby in his hands, it escaped. It flew right through the air to land on the floor. Chenle found it so funny and unexpected that he sunk to the floor as well, laughing his high-pitched dolphin laugh.

After he’d had a good laugh, he tried to soothe the baby. Walking like an old man, he moved toward it, apologizing, “I’m sorry.” If that had been a real baby, like he’d wanted, it would’ve been quite the disaster.

Regardless of the hilarious incident, Chenle holding his baby niece is one of the most heartwarming things ever.

Fake babies need protection from Chenle. Real babies, on the other hand, are safe and sound with him. Watch Chenle have too much fun with the fake flying baby here.


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