The Unusual Place Where NCT DREAM’s Haechan, Jeno, And Renjun Practice Dancing

The average person might not have thought of those places.

While SM Entertainment has plenty of practice rooms for the NCT DREAM members to use, they aren’t the only places where the group perfects their moves.

Through 37.5MHz HAECHAN Radio, the members revealed two other unusual places where they practice their dancing.

NCT DREAM in Manila. | @NCTsmtown_DREAM/Twitter

Because Renjun is so passionate about dancing that Jisung often sees him practicing at their dorm, Renjun explained how he monitors himself. He said, “I just looked at my reflection in the window and did it for review.

He wasn’t the only one who resorted to using windows. Jeno agreed, “I do the same thing. It really helps if I practice the dance I learned that day before I go to sleep.” The members further proved their resourcefulness by naming another unexpected place where they practiced.

Earning agreement from another member, Haechan said, “I dance in the bathroom before showering.

Even if the NCT DREAM members can’t use a practice room, they’re so passionate about perfecting their skills that they simply need a window or bathroom to make it work.