NCT DREAM’s Haechan And Renjun Pick The Group’s Unexpected Favorite Sport, And It Actually Makes Sense

“Pillow fights?” — Renjun

NCT DREAM‘s Haechan and Renjun know exactly what NCT DREAM’s favorite sport is, and though the answer is unexpected, it actually makes total sense.

NCT DREAM | @nct_dream/Instagram

In an interview with Penshoppe, Renjun and Haechan were asked what the group’s collective favorite sport is, and the two members did not hesitate with their answer.

NCT DREAM’s Renjun and Haechan | @haechanahceah/Instagram

Taking almost no time to think about it, they both agreed that NCT DREAM’s favorite sport is ‘arguing.’ Or “things we can do verbally,” according to Haechan.

| Penshoppe/YouTube 

Renjun even hilariously added, “Arguments, pillow fights, so on?”

Given NCT DREAM’s long history of chaotic bickering, it makes sense that the members would pick such an activity, even jokingly. After all, they’ve spilled many funny stories about the arguments they had in the past, especially during their trainee days!

| @nct_dream/Instagram

Haechan and Mark often bickered together, for example, and even shared a story during their “Beatbox” promotions about the time Haechan unwittingly got Mark in trouble when they were trainees.

But of course, NCT DREAM’s constant arguing did not stop at debut. In fact, the content that the members film often ends up being purely chaotic bickering, whether it’s original content…

…or live streams.

NCTzens have plenty to choose from when it comes to favorite moments of NCT DREAM chaos, proving that Renjun and Haechan chose their hilarious favorite sport wisely!

What are your favorite moments of NCT DREAM bickering like siblings?

You can check out the full clip of Renjun and Haechan’s TMI interview with Penshoppe on the link below.