NCT DREAM’s Mark Lee Spills On The One Time He Got In Trouble As A Trainee…Thanks To Haechan

Or was Haechan just a witness?

NCT DREAM‘s Mark Lee and Haechan have had an interesting friendship over the long years they’ve known each other. While they’ve been through some rough patches, their friendship has only grown stronger with time, and now they can reveal some of the funniest stories from their trainee days.

| SMTOWN/YouTube via @leemarkees/Twitter

In NCT DREAM’s recent visit to MBC FM4U‘s radio show Noon Song Of Hope, Mark hilariously mentioned that during their time as trainees, he got along the least with Haechan (eliciting the best reaction from Haechan).

In fact, the two of them even revealed a great story about one of the few times he broke the rules back then. He got caught, and it may have been because of Haechan.

As trainees, the members weren’t often allowed to go to the convenience store without permission. It may not surprise fans to hear that Mark usually followed the rules. But one day, he decided to buy himself an ice cream, and unfortunately for him, so did Haechan. Except, Haechan was there with a member of staff…

By coincidence, Haechan and the staff member had found themselves in the same convenience store as Mark. And when she went to look for the ice cream she had agreed to buy for Haechan, she found Mark there. This led to him getting scolded for breaking the rules.

While it wasn’t directly Haechan’s fault, it’s funny to see even the other members teasing him for being a bit of a troublemaker. Jeno himself joked that Mark’s scolding was “All because of Haechan.” In any case, the Mark-Haechan duo is now doing better than ever, so it’s hard not to appreciate how far they’ve come together, both as artists and as friends!

They may still bicker a bit here and there…

…but fans can be sure that their days of fighting are long gone!