Haechan Finally Clears Up One Of K-Pop’s Biggest Mysteries: NCT DREAM’s 2017 Concert “Fight”

Fans have wanted to know this for YEARS!

NCT‘s Mark and Haechan have always been close, working alongside each other as trainees under SM Entertainment, debuting in SM Rookies, and now performing as members of NCT. Haechan even says that the two of them are “soulmates!” So fans were equally alarmed and confused during the summer of 2017, when it seemed like there was tension between the friends.

It all started during a performance of “We Young” where fans noticed through a fancam of Mark that the two looked like they were arguing over something.

Mark (brown hair) seems to approach and argue with Haechan (red hair). | h it/YouTube

NCTzens then noticed a change in choreography: Haechan used to place his hand on Mark’s shoulder, but in later performances, he stopped!

The original gesture: Haechan places his hand on Mark’s shoulder. | Starmelody 1284/YouTube

Fans theorized he changed the gesture to minimize contact with Mark, something they believed the affectionate NCT 127 maknae would never do unless something was wrong.

Haechan changes the gesture. | Starmelody 1284/YouTube

Since then, many theories have popped up about just what happened between Mark and Haechan that summer. Even when the two seemed to have repaired their relationship and the “fight” was addressed by other members, fans couldn’t stop thinking about the “MarkHyuck Summer Fight.”

Luckily, earlier this year during one of the livestreams leading up to the release of Hot Sauce, the members put all the theories to rest.

NCT DREAM members were discussing the kimchi-jjigae fight when Haechan mentioned that some fans were asking if he and Mark fought during the Jeju concert.

Jisung stated that Haechan and Mark hadn’t had a fight since they were trainees. Mark admitted that they may have had one since then, but they definitely had a lot when they were training.

While the members tried to remember exactly what happened that day, Jeno explained that they don’t fight while performing: ““We were never mad at each other when we were on the stage.

After watching the alleged video evidence of their fight, Renjun and Jeno said it was “obvious” that the two were just discussing positions for the stage.

Haechan elaborated further that they performed two songs, “We Young” and “Trigger The Fever.”

To sum it up: for “We Young,” Jeno is the center, but for “Trigger The Fever,” Haechan is the center. So when Mark approached Haechan in the performance, he was clarifying that they’re starting with “We Young” so Haechan moved to his correct spot!

Chenle explained that the members can’t always be smiling and happy and the group agreed it would be “fake” of them to communicate like that all the time.

Jaemin, who was absent during promotions for “We Young” due to an injury, shared the same sentiment lots of fans have: “So when are we going to stop talking about this?

While NCTzens were shocked to hear that the legendary summer fight was simply a misunderstanding by fans, they were happy to finally put this mystery to rest.

Mark and Haechan have been closer than ever, and now fans can enjoy their Tom and Jerry dynamic with the knowledge that the “summer fight” has been debunked!


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