NCT Dream’s Haechan Thought Himself The Most Handsome Until Two Members Showed Up

After seeing them, he thought he’d been naive all along.

Through NCT Dream‘s Haechan‘s 37.5MHz, the members were able to share the hilarious story of how two of them got caught sneaking out as trainees and breaking SM Entertainment‘s rules.

In that same episode, Haechan shared how he’d felt about their visuals when they’d first met.

Because they were discussing which members changed the most, Jeno couldn’t help pointing out how Haechan has stayed the same in his eyes, “Haechan was the first I met after joining the team… He’s really got the same feeling as he [does] now.”

Being reminded of that time, Haechan couldn’t resist showing off his confidence, “I thought I was really handsome.”

Jeno and Renjun burst into laughter over the bold statement that could only be said by Haechan. He then admitted that seeing Jeno and Jaemin had changed that for him, “But, after seeing Jaemin and Jeno…”

Their visuals had knocked Haechan’s confidence down more than a few notches. He explained how naive he thought he was being, “…I thought that I was a [babe] in the woods.” Renjun wouldn’t let him believe that.

Like a true friend, he barely allowed Haechan to finish the thought. Renjun immediately stepped in to let Haechan know he was just as handsome, “No. You’re handsome as well, though.”

Just as Renjun said, no one can deny that Haechan is handsome. Although his confidence may have been shaken at the time, he’s still the self-assured Haechan that everyone now loves.

See Haechan reveal that he’d initially been intimidated by Jaemin and Jeno’s visuals, along with Renjun reassuring him otherwise.