NCT Dream’s Jaemin Is Basically Both A Nagging Mom And An Ideal Son-in-Law At The Same Time – Here Are The Receipts, Your Honor

Na Jaemin, best boy.

NCT Dream‘s Jaemin is always sweet and doting to NCTzens, going as far as he can to make them feel loved at all times. Fans of his are often spoilt by the amount of content he delivers on a daily basis, especially through the use of “Dear U. Bubble”, a paid message system by SM Entertainment and Lysn.

In the month of June, he has sent out messages teaching fans how to reduce their electricity bills and taxes by using more environmentally efficient models of air-conditioners, much to the amusement of many fans.

It seems that his “Dear U. Bubble” messages often come at a fixed time, much like a daily reminder to NCTzens. Fans find his nagging absolutely endearing.

He’s also apparently, ideal son-in-law material, with his adept knowledge of finance and living matters. It’s well-known amongst fans that he does not own a credit card as he prefers to use check or debit cards to keep his finances in line. He is also the mom of the group, teaching younger members how to use appliances.

Recently, he has taken to messaging fans to nag them about the weather, as South Korea moves into the intense period of showers right as summer hits its peak. The weather now often switches between sudden downpours and extremely hot sun, causing much discomfort amongst many citizens.

A fan even gathered his messages for the week in May, and realized that collectively, they were about the same length as the movie script for The Bee.

Can we say “Na Jaemin, best boy” or what? Check out his reverse charms in NCT Dream’s performance for “Ridin” as he shows a charismatic side completely opposite to his cheery, sweet nature!