NCT Dream’s Jeno Had The Best Reactions To Jaemin’s Archery

He wanted Jaemin to KNOW he was on his side.

NCT Dream‘s Jeno and Jaemin have been friends for nearly a decade, seven years going on eight. In that time, they’ve learned to accept and support each other in all things.


They kept that energy at ISAC when Jaemin was up for archery. When he scored a perfect ten points, Jeno had the sweetest smile on his face as he watched with his hands held high.

He just couldn’t seem to contain his excitement for Jaemin, his mouth hanging open in a mixture of happiness and astonishment.

Jeno pulled out all the stops with his reactions, even throwing his head back, pointing his fingers, and scrunching up his face in the best way.

After toning it down just a bit, he finally gave Jaemin thumbs up to show how proud he was of his best friend.

Even when Jaemin didn’t get a perfect score, Jeno gave him an encouraging smile to keep him motivated and show he was always supporting him.

Even though Jaemin looked like the embarrassed child of a parent who’s too extra for their own good, with his tight-lipped smile, you could tell he appreciated the support. If you don’t have a friend who cheers you on like Jeno, you need one asap.