NCT Dream’s Jeno Literally Shoved A Lightstick Up Jaemin’s Nose Because That’s What Friends Do

Jeno went straight for Jaemin’s nostrils:

A few days ago, NCT Dream dazzled everyone at their The Dream Show in Tokyo, Japan. Besides delivering stunning performances and making plenty of precious memories with fans, they also had quite a few hilariously chaotic interactions including the moment Jeno decided to stick a lightstick straight up Jaemin‘s nose!

It all happened when Jaemin was just trying to have a nice conversation with fans. Things started off okay. Just Jaemin interacting with fans as Renjun highlighted his face with some lightsticks.

That moment of calm didn’t last long, however! Seizing the chance, Renjun popped up behind Jaemin and gave him a few glowstick antennae.

Unfortunately for Jaemin, the antennae were just the tip of the teasing iceberg. Soon enough, Jeno was joining in the fun with his own lightstick destined for Jaemin’s nose!

After successfully dislodging Jeno’s lightstick from his nostril, the Dreamies still weren’t done with their teasing but at least this time nothing was shoved up his nose!

While fans fully sympathize with Jaemin and all the teasing he put up with, they couldn’t help cracking up over the situation either!

That’s what friends are for!