NCT DREAM’s Jeno Reveals Which Of His Member’s Center Parts He Wanted The Most

He didn’t even hesitate with his answer.

NCT DREAM recently did a fun interview where the members took on the numerous challenges they had to pass in order to move onto the next question or activity.

During their interview, Jeno got a very intriguing mission that asked, “Do the part of the member you wanted the most among the title songs.”

Without hesitation, Jeno revealed he would’ve liked having Haechan‘s part in “BOOM.”

Jeno explained that while his parts in songs usually require a lot of movement, he liked the chill and calm motions of Haechan’s in “BOOM.” Jeno shared, “For me…My part was always running and hard to do.” Jeno then teased Haechan and claimed, “He Doesn’t do anything during his part.”

Following Jeno’s response, Haechan stood up and showed Jeno how to perfectly execute his part in “BOOM.”

Disregarding Haechan’s advice, Jeno added his own colorful moves to Haechan’s part.

Furthermore, Haechan declared that the ending of his part must be powerful and proceeded to demonstrate it to Jeno. The two were identical with Jeno perfectly capturing Haechan’s vibe. Of course, the two easily passed their challenge!

Check out the video below: