NCT Dream’s Jeno Had A Terrifying Paranormal Experience While In Japan

His story is so scary 😰

NCT recently started a spooky new YouTube series called Welcome to NCT’s Horror Nights.

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In the first episode, Doyoung, Jeno, Taeil, Jisung, Sungchan, and Renjun came together to read scary stories submitted by NCTzens. However, a few of the members shared their own paranormal experiences, too.

After Doyoung finished reading a story from a fan, Jeno revealed that he had a scary encounter with a ghost while in Japan for an SM Town concert.

Jeno said he traveled to Japan with Renjun, and he went to bed in their hotel room while Renjun was hanging out with Winwin in Winwin’s hotel room.

However, Jeno couldn’t sleep well because his throat felt sore.

He said his throat wasn’t swollen, so it shouldn’t have hurt. He described the pain as the feeling of “something pressing down” on his throat.

Jeno said the feeling persisted while he was sleeping, so he opened his eyes.

When he opened his eyes, Jeno saw a terrifying white skull!

He said the skull disappeared quickly, so Doyoung guessed that he must have had sleep paralysis.

Jeno said he didn’t think it was sleep paralysis because he opened his eyes after feeling something on his throat. When he saw the skull floating above him, he noticed details like its eyes and mouth, which led him to believe it was a real encounter with a ghost.

Do you think Jeno encountered a ghost in Japan, or do you think it was a case of sleep paralysis?

See the full spooky Welcome to NCT’s Horror Nights video below.



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