Here’s Why NCT DREAM’s Jeno Got Yelled At By The Company As A Trainee

Everyone’s experienced it at least once in their life.

Since the NCT DREAM members were young during their trainee days, it was only natural for them to get into a bit of harmless trouble with SM Entertainment. Though they got caught sneaking out once, that wasn’t the only time the company caught them.

Jeno | @NCTsmtown_DREAM/Twitter

Looking back on their trainee days, Jeno remembered an incident where being late got him in trouble not once but twice. Making Renjun laugh, Jeno recalled, “I had to go to school, but I was late.

Emphasizing how important school is to a trainee, the company didn’t let it slide. Jeno revealed, “So I got yelled at, at the company.” That didn’t put an end to Jeno’s lateness, though.

Jeno ended up in the same situation that same week, being late for an important test and breaking his iPad in his rush to make it in time.

It looks like Jeno couldn’t catch a break that week but overcame it all in the end.

Watch Renjun and Jeno have a laugh about the kind of trouble they got into as trainees.