NCT Dream’s Jisung And Chenle Talks Growth … You Won’t Believe How Mature They Look Now

It seems like just yesterday they were still moving around on hoverboards!
Do you remember when the maknaes of NCT Dream looked like this – fresh-eyed and poodle-haired?

Well, those young ones have grown much in the past five years. ELLE Magazine recently released their photoshoot stills as well as interview cuts with NCT Dream‘s Jisung and Chenle. The photoshoot was centered around the summer scenery as they reportedly filmed in a villa studio from afternoon til evening. This photoshoot is a special one, as it is the first that they are appearing in together, just the two of them. The pair are known for their fated friendship, from when they appeared in a kids show in their elementary school years, despite Jisung being from Korea and Chenle being from China. Later on, they met in SM Entertainment when they both became trainees and eventually debuted in the same group, sealing their destinies together.

In the interview after the shoot, they said that it was their fifth summer together already, and were surprised at how time flies. When asked for when they felt that they had grown the most, Jisung replied, “The scope of our conversation has widened. I feel we have matured when I’m not loose towards myself and can look back at myself instead.” Similarly, Chenle answered, “I think when you’ve felt that you’re all grown, is when you’re actually still young. I think I can grow when I am able to acknowledge my weak points.”

“There are times when I feel that I am lacking, despite others not being able to see it. During those times, I specially focus on practicing,” Chenle shared with ELLE. “We debuted when we were young, so all of the members can’t help but have a greed towards our skills. This is heightened when we see the sunbaes perform on stage,” Jisung continued. When asked how they felt as the maknaes in such a huge group as NCT, both laughed while saying “It’s of course, great. It feels like there are a whole bunch of people we are close and friendly with”.

NCT Dream has recently wrapped up promotions for their album, Reload to a roaring success, where they have placed first on various music charts such as iTunes and Melon, selling out over 500,000 copies of their album. Compared to their debut stage when they were in their early teens, the maknaes have certainly matured so much!

Source: ELLE via Daum