NCT Dream Jisung’s Physical Growth Over The Years Will Shock You – He’s Now Taller Than His Hyungs

And he’s only 18 this year!

NCT Dream’s reality show, NCT Life : Dream in Wonderland just aired its first episode on the 6th of July 2020, and maknae Jisung‘s growth shocked the viewers. As he had debuted at a very young age of 14, fans have always seen him as the baby of the group. However, as he turned 18 (international age) this year, fans are slowly starting to see him in a different light.

Member Jeno is only two years older than Jisung, but in a reality show very early into their debut, the difference in their frames was rather stark.

However, in NCT Life : Dream in Wonderland‘s first episode, Jisung can be seen to be almost a head taller than his hyung! Comparing the two photos that have four years between them, time really flew by as Jisung shot up.

Jisung has also been working out, as he revealed to fans via a voice-only live stream in June, explaining that he wanted to grow his body a little bit. It seems like NCTzens are all amazed at the stark contrast, as they acknowledged the seemingly sudden growth.

One comment even pointed out a comparison between leader Taeyong and the maknae, through a heartwarming photoset of the two.

It seems like the baby of the group really has grown up, hasn’t he?

Here’s are five photos from over the years so you can really see just how much he has grown!

1. When he was a tiny baby

He shared this adorable photograph with fans to commemorate children’s day!

2. When he was on a children’s program

Did you know he used to be a child entertainer as he appeared on TV when he was younger?

3. When he was first revealed to us through SM Rookies

He used to be so tiny! His pure smile has never changed though.

4. As he slowly prepared for debut

Before debuting with “Chewing Gum”, Jisung participated in some photoshoots for SM Rookies with the hyungs.

5. A recent photograph of him during his 2019 promotions for “We Boom”

He sure grew up a lot in a short span of time!

For fans curious to tune in, NCT Life : Dream in Wonderland can be viewed via the SEEZN app which is available only in South Korea only currently. In the mean time, you can relive their previous NCT Life instalment from 2016 on V App.

Source: Nate