NCT Dream’s Jisung Impresses With How Tall He’s Grown

The maknae is growing up in more ways than one.

As the maknae of NCT Dream and all of NCT, you would think Jisung‘s the smallest and most adorable member.

While he still has his cute side, it’s been four years since their debut, meaning he’s not quite as small as he once was. In fact, he’s not small at all.

Compared to this photo where Jisung and Chenle looked like they could fit in your pocket, fans have noticed just how much he’s sprouted up in one of their latest NCT Daily videos.

In the first part of their new series Stay Under the Blanket, the group was greeted with boxes outside of their door. Bringing them in, they opened them up to find games. Wanting to play a one involving the refrigerator, their first task was to check what was inside of it.

That’s when Jisung’s height first caught everyone’s attention. When he opened the refrigerator, and Renjun walked up beside him, the difference in their sizes was noticeable. He was taller than the fridge itself, let alone Renjun.

When the two moved toward the table, the angle of the camera and the way they bent their heads made Jisung look like a giant.

Even standing next to Jaemin, with their heads bent toward the table to focus on prepping the food, Jisung looked just a bit taller. He looked just as tall as Jeno as well.

In four years, Jisung has not only grown to look a bit more mature but grown as tall as his hyungs—maybe even a bit taller.

No matter how tall Jisung gets, he’ll still be their childish maknae, always excited to sit down and play a game.

Check out Jisung looming over his older members here, flipping the tables from when they were the ones who used to be far taller than him.