NCT Dream’s Jisung Renames Floppy Disks After Having No Clue What They Were

If Jisung calls them this, then that’s what they’re called.

NCT Dream‘s Jisung and Chenle did a bit of time traveling back into the 1990s for Chenji’s This And That when given old-school items like an MP3 player and web camera.


When Jisung spotted the floppy disks, he had no idea what their name was. Born in 2001 and 2002, respectively, Chenle and Jisung were unfamiliar with them. Jisung initially thought they had to be related to a USB and assumed the S in the name stood for small.

Since the floppy disks were bigger, Jisung confidently decided it would be called a UBB, which made Chenle chuckle.

Although Jisung was proud of the name he came up with, Chenle couldn’t stop laughing.

In reality, USB stands for Universal Serial Bus, something many people wouldn’t know off the top of their heads. Listen to Jisung try to explain his cute name for the item.