NCT DREAM’s Mark Was Treated To A Surprise When Unboxing Their New Album And K-Pop Fans Are Extremely Jealous

NCTzens are channeling Mark’s good luck!

Every K-Pop fan knows that one of the best things about unboxing your new albums is seeing what photocards you get. During an unboxing of their latest album Hot Sauce, NCT DREAM‘s Mark seemed to experience the excitement fans have. 

During the groups’ showcase, Mark was given the privilege of unboxing their new album.

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As the album was revealed, they tried to guess which member photocards they would get.

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However, before any of the other members could say anything, Mark’s voice suddenly echoed throughout the room.

I am sorry, but this album… There are four photocards.

— Mark

Mark was so shocked because each album is only meant to contain two photocards. Mark even wanted to open another one to see if it happened again. Even the staff seemed shocked by hidden extras in the album.

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In the end, the album managed to give the group Jeno, Renjun, Chenle, and Haechan photocards!

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Let’s all try and channel some of Mark’s luck, and maybe we might get some extra treats when opening our next K-Pop buy. It could even be NCT DREAM’s Hot Sauce!

In the meantime, make sure to watch their latest music video for their title track Hot Sauce.

Source: Renjeonah