NCT Dream’s Thorough Method For Winning PUBG Is Impressive

They just may be a team of geniuses for this.

NCT Dream won gold medals for winning PUBG at the Idol Star Athletics Championship, despite killing off their own team members.


But, how they did it will have you laughing and wondering if they’re geniuses at the same time.

As the best player of the team, Chenle explained their strategy for winning before it started. He began by saying those who weren’t skilled in the game must stand in front.

As the players in front take the heat from the battle, they’ll not only serve as a layer of protection for the others but they’ll draw enemy players out.

So, it creates the perfect opening for them to kill all the enemies that have revealed themselves by falling into their trap.

And, the players that have been sacrificed? As Renjun said, “We’re giving up on them,” giving them the title “the discarded card.”

While everyone thought NCT Dream were having fun taking out their own members, they actually had a method behind the madness. Listen to their clever method for winning here.