NCT DREAM Renjun’s Resemblance To Actor Song Joong Ki Can’t Be Unseen

They really do look like they’re related.

Following the release of NCT DREAM‘s Renjun‘s teaser photos for their second full-length album Glitch Mode, the idol’s visuals seemed quite familiar to fans.

Renjun | @NCTsmtown_DREAM/Twitter

Renjun’s facial features and short hair reminded them of actor Song Joong Ki. After the realization, NCTzens didn’t waste any time putting photos of the two celebrities side by side to prove it.

Song Joong Ki | @hi_songjoongki/Instagram

With Renjun wearing a suit similar to the outfit Song Joong Ki wore for his Vincenzo role, thousands of fans couldn’t get over how similar they looked. They jokingly called Song Joong Ki the dad and Renjun the son.

Taking a closer look at their faces, fans noticed their nose, eyes, and mouth were similar enough for them to be related.

They even morphed Song Joong Ki’s face with Renjun’s to show just how identical they looked. From the right angles, they could truly pass as family members.