NCT DREAM’s Renjun Forgot Lyrics During An Evaluation, Here’s How He Tricked The SM Judges

They had no clue Renjun fooled them—until now 😂

Although NCT DREAM‘s Renjun often uses his quick wit to make everyone laugh, it came in handy during his trainee days when the lyrics of a song totally slipped his mind.


While singing Jay Chou‘s “Chrysanthemum Terrace” during a live broadcast, Renjun remembered singing the Chinese song as a trainee for an evaluation. There was one problem.

He forgot the lyrics of the second verse differed from the first. Renjun said, “But, I forgot the lyrics while singing because I was too nervous.” There was a silver lining.

Since the SM Entertainment judges were Korean, he used that to his advantage. Renjun recalled his thoughts from back then, “The thing is that I realized some of the judges couldn’t speak Chinese.

Singing in Chinese, Renjun came up with his own lyrics on the spot, saying whatever came to mind.

So I spit out random things while singing. It was so… It was scary but fun at the same time.

— Renjun

While imitating how he did it, Renjun gave examples of the funny things he sang: “Have you had a meal? I can’t. / I’m hopping in the car. / If you walk to me… / What should we eat for dinner? / I just wanted to have sushi.

Though Renjun remembered there were a few judges who spoke Chinese, they weren’t the ones judging him at the time. Because of that, his plan worked out perfectly and became a funny moment he can still laugh at. Who else could keep a straight face while singing such random and hilarious phrases?

Source: Naver Live