We Are All Just Third Wheels For NCT Dream’s Renjun and Haechan

We’re jealous!

NCT Dream is known for their close friendship, having grown up together. A fan favorite has been the tight friendship between Haechan and Renjun, for they are always bickering but take great care of each other. A performance of “Dive Into You” revealed all the unique antics that make up their loving friendship.

As soon as the song started, Haechan was seen hugging Renjun tight. When the two turned to each other at the same time, Renjun acted as if he was annoyed.

As if he was scolding Renjun for the small rebellion, Haechan wagged his finger playfully at Renjun, but soon turned it into a heart. Yeah, we see you.

Haechan was looking at Renjun all along during his dance.

During Renjun’s solo where all the members surrounded Renjun on a sofa, Haechan made sure to look at him lovingly. Don’t worry Jisung, we know how you feel.

Finally, the song ended on a sweet note with the two making quick eye contact and smiling before getting into the ending pose.

There’s no friendship we are more jealous of! Check out the cute moments below.


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