NCT DREAM’s Renjun And Haechan Refuse To Go Biking With Jeno And Jaemin, And Here Are The Relatable Reasons Why

Keeping up with the hobbyists must be hard…

NCT DREAM‘s Jeno and Jaemin often go biking together as a hobby. But while the other members have tried joining them, it seems like Renjun and Haechan don’t really plan to do so again—and honestly, their reasons are kind of relatable!

In the latest episode of 7llin’ in our Youth, the members discussed their experiences with bikes. Haechan’s experiences, though not exactly as hurtful as Jisung‘s, were enough to put him off from biking again. For one, when he and Jeno were younger, NCT‘s Doyoung took them biking by the Han River. Haechan had promptly crashed into a wall, marking his first bad biking experience.

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But the last time he had gone biking with Jeno was what finally decided it for him. He hilariously shared that he had ridden Jeno’s bike for 8km, but the seat was so hard that he decided never to bike again.

Laughing, Jeno recounted that when Haechan said he was thirsty he had promised him that they’d soon find a convenience store…and insisted on it for 5km out of the 8km, forcing Haechan to continue endlessly.

Hearing Haechan’s stories, Renjun agreed that biking with Jeno and Jaemin was not fun. According to him, they simply go too fast!

He even joked that, instead of a sports bike like the ones Jeno and Jaemin have, he just needs a simple bike with a little basket…

…which makes for a cute image!

However, even Jaemin had to admit once that the basket bikes were much more comfortable.

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In fact, Jeno and Jaemin’s biking vlogs from two years ago prove both Haechan and Renjun right. Not only did Jeno admit back then that Jaemin goes too fast…

…but, judging by the length of one of the routes they planned for themselves, one can see why Haechan felt so pressured going 8km with Jeno! Jeno must have not thought much of it, since he and Jaemin go for up to 30km.

While Jeno and Jaemin’s biking prowess cannot be questioned, Haechan and Renjun’s refusal to go biking with them is totally understandable!

You can watch the full clip from episode 4 of 7llin’ in our Youth below.


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