NCT Dream’s Renjun Responds To Fan Who Was Dumped Over Chicken

It was about the chicken, but it really wasn’t about the chicken.

On his radio show Akdong Seoul, NCT Dream‘s Renjun has truly become the life coach that fans call him for his advice on their various problems and situations.

During the same episode where he’d talked about the proper way to be honest and straightforward when ending a romantic relationship, Renjun was faced with another type of breakup. A fan revealed it was over chicken.

Image credit: Aroma Cookery

One night, the fan was eating chicken with her boyfriend. Wanting to eat one of the chicken legs, she helped herself to it. The boyfriend didn’t like that at all.

In the middle of the night, he kicked her out and broke up with her right then and there. Renjun responded as most people would.

He thought the ex-boyfriend’s actions were blown way out of proportion over such a trivial matter. It shouldn’t have ended so badly.

In Renjun’s opinion, there are certain feelings that one has when liking someone. Rather than getting mad at the thought of sharing, people would generally want to, especially when something is good.

If the ex-boyfriend broke up with her for such a selfish reason, she’s better off without him and can find some other guy who will give her all the chicken.

Although this situation may be unusual, the lesson learned can be beneficial to everyone. Take notes from Renjun. You’ll know you’re in a healthy relationship when you’re able to share things with each other.