NCT Dream’s Renjun Reveals The Best Way To Handle Moving On From A Breakup

Renjun stuck up for women everywhere.

Dealing with the end of a relationship can be a difficult obstacle to overcome. When the person you’ve broken up with moves into another relationship, that can be even harder to handle.


That was the problem NCT Dream‘s Renjun addressed on his radio show Akdong Seoul, or Yuedong Seoul. His perspective on a female fan’s situation had the rest of the female fans fully supporting his thoughtful response.

After ending their relationship, a female fan voiced her hurt over finding out the guy she’d been dating had moved on. The fact that she had only been able to find out through social media, where he posted photos of him and his new girlfriend together, made it even more heartbreaking. Before Renjun gave his opinion, he let host Wenrui speak first.

Wenrui took the position of trying to understand the guy, “Maybe the guy thinks that saying things directly might hurt the girl’s feelings [a lot more].” Having grown up with many female family members, Renjun wasn’t allowing this response at all. He yelled, “Oh my gosh!”

Renjun thought that wasn’t the correct way to handle the situation at all. He believed that it would cause even worse pain by avoiding the issue, like with the fan who’d asked for advice: “I’d be more scared that after finding out the truth… that girl might [become] even more hurt, just like the listener.”

Wenrui pointed out that the guy didn’t have anything to hide and shouldn’t be afraid to show off his new girlfriend wherever he chose. Renjun didn’t quite agree, “I think this is something already hurtful… This was very rude to the girl.”

For all the listeners who might’ve been going through the same situation, Renjun gave his own advice to handle it and avoid playing with other people’s feelings. He warned listeners to be honest with whoever they’re dating. Ending a relationship with a clean break was the better option.

Renjun was speaking up for all the people who’ve been heartbroken this way, especially women. Growing up with so many female family members seems to have made him more understanding. Did you agree with his honest response?