NCT Dream’s Renjun Reveals How He Got Close To SEVENTEEN’s Jun

They’ve been close for quite a few years.

In NCT Dream‘s Chenle‘s takeover of Renjun‘s radio show Akdong Seoul, he mentioned just how close they were to SEVENTEEN‘s Jun and The8.

Despite the fact that they’re in separate groups, he mentioned how they often carve out time to spend together.

When Renjun recently returned to Akdong Seoul to take his rightful place as the host, that was one of the topics everyone was ready to hear him talk about personally.

When the other host mentioned receiving a note with the information that Renjun and Jun were close friends, he couldn’t resist asking about it. Renjun didn’t deny it, instead beginning to laugh, “How did you know?”

Since fans of both groups already knew the two were good friends, they wanted to know how and when they’d begun their friendship. As if he’d known, Renjun answered just that.

He revealed that he’d met Jun soon after NCT Dream had debuted back in 2016 with “Chewing Gum”. Thinking back, Renjun shared, “Yes, I knew him shortly after I debuted…”

Even though they had a four-year difference in age, they’d seemed to hit it off when they met. Renjun revealed they’d been getting along with each other ever since, always keeping in contact over the years. “We’ve kept in contact as friends ever since then.”

Based on that, Renjun and Jun have been close for four years and counting. No wonder the two are so comfortable whenever they run into each other.

Watch Renjun reveal how their adorable friendship all began here.