NCT Dream’s Renjun Updates Fans On His Minor Injury

He told fans it was nothing to worry about.

During NCT Dream‘s first concert The Dream Show in Seoul, Renjun accidentally cut one of his eyebrows while changing clothing but continued with the concert as if nothing happened.

NCT Dream’s Renjun Powers Through Performance, All While Bleeding

Since fans were still concerned about it, they asked him how well it’s been healing during his recent live broadcast. Renjun reassured them it’s been healing completely fine.

It’s got much better.

He pointed out that there hasn’t been any scarring and told fans it wasn’t anything serious to worry about. It healed so well that it looks as if he’d never been hurt.

If you see my brows, there is nothing left. It wasn’t a big deal.

Open cuts can easily become infected and leave scarring if not treated properly. Fortunately, Renjun was able to handle it just as easily. Listen to him reassure everyone that his eyebrow is back to normal starting at 13:21.