NCT Dream Renjun’s Visuals Are So Stunning He Flustered Their Translator

Honestly, who could blame her?

NCT Dream‘s Renjun has recently been gaining more and more attention for his visuals. His silver hair and maturing features make him absolutely handsome, whether he’s on stage or off.


In a clip from one of their broadcasts, his visuals were just too much for their translator to handle.

As the translator fulfilled her role, translating their Korean into Chinese, Renjun decided to pay closer attention. He leaned forward and looked toward her, curious about the work she was doing. That was all it took.

Upon seeing Renjun, the translator quickly stopped him. She warned him not to look at her, for fear that it would ruin her concentration for the task at hand. Renjun smiled and retreated backward.

From the shy expression on his face and the little nod he gave afterward, the last thing Renjun wanted was to prevent the translator from doing her job.

Let’s be honest, though. If faced with Prince Renjun in person, who wouldn’t be just a little taken aback by how handsome he is?


See Renjun’s visuals capture their translator’s attention so much she had to make him look elsewhere.