NCT DREAM’s Renjun And WayV’s YangYang Get Real About The Terrible Start To Their Friendship

“There was that particular vibe between us…”

NCT DREAM‘s Renjun and WayV‘s YangYang went on a camping trip together in THE NCT SHOW, where they opened up about how close they are…and how it wasn’t always like this.

NCT DREAM’s Renjun and WayV’s YangYang | NCT/YouTube

The two besties spent the day having fun and bantering together. And at the end of their little trip, they sat down with some drinks and some fruit and shared a little about the early days of their friendship, which apparently had a bit of an awkward start. Amusingly, Renjun initially didn’t seem to actually remember some of the details…

| NCT/YouTube 

…which makes sense, as they revealed that they didn’t spend much time one-on-one back then. In fact, Renjun says he would actively avoid talking to YangYang directly due to how awkward he felt! He said, “We never talked by ourselves. There had to be someone else.”

Because of that, neither of them actually has memories of when they were getting closer. According to YangYang and Renjun, all they remember is that one day they were just suddenly close, able to be completely open with each other.

But YangYang agreed that it was much too awkward at the beginning, saying, “I didn’t even want to talk first either.”

He pointed out that this clearly means Renjun is an introvert…

…though Renjun claimed he’s more in between introvert and extrovert. And as it turns out, so is YangYang!

Maybe the two of them were meant to be best friends after all. While not every friendship always has a perfect start (NCT 127‘s Yuta and Taeyong got real about their own somewhat chaotic start), it’s great to see how close Renjun and YangYang are now, and how open they can be with each other. They’re definitely an underrated NCT duo!

If you’d like to watch the story of Renjun and YangYang’s friendship, you can do so on the link below.