NCT Dream’s Haechan Turned Their Rooftop Fight Into An EXO Dance Party

It sparked a precious pre-debut moment for the group.

While NCT Dream‘s rooftop fight sparked joy from how humorous it turned out, Haechan caused even more laughter by turning it into an EXO dance party.

Along the way, the dance also sparked a precious pre-debut memory for the group and fans.

When Jisung asked someone to come forward to try out their skills, “Let’s see what you’ve got,” Haechan stepped up to the plate. It wasn’t a punch or kick that Haechan was ready to throw, though.

As soon as Haechan came close to Jisung, he bust out the opening dance move to EXO’s “Growl” and sang the line, “Sexy.” The unexpected display had them all cracking up—especially Mark and Renjun.

While Mark bent over in laughter, clapping his hands, Renjun didn’t leave Haechan hanging. He joined him in dancing to the song, still laughing it up. Although it seemed random, the dance move called to mind a moment from their pre-debut days.

Despite them all being adults, they can’t forget the times when they were kids covering “Growl”.

Check out Haechan’s hilarious blast from the past here.