NCT Dream’s Rooftop Fight Is A Chaotic Mess—In The Best Way

They didn’t disappoint with the highly anticipated event.

From eager NCTzens trending the phrase ‘Rooftop Fight” for days on Twitter, many were pulled into the excitement surrounding NCT Dream‘s long-awaited rooftop fight.

When a teaser photo of Jisung was released for the upcoming battle, it hyped everyone up even more. And the group didn’t disappoint with the hilarious chaos that took place for the fight.

| @NCTsmtown_DREAM/Twitter

Before the real showdown took place, the members played around by testing out their fight moves. The maknae line made the group laugh when Chenle pretended to throw a punch at Jisung.

After practicing their punches and Haechan trying out his fake kick on Jisung, they got right down to business.

Throwing caution to the wind, all the members went straight at it each other. They threw up their fists and hilariously flailed them around.

It was a complete and utter mess in the most humorous way. The looks of joy on all of their faces showed just how much they loved the chaos.

Rather than shouts of pain or anger like a typical fight scene, these boys were shouting in laughter. Instead of fighting, it looked like Jeno was merely tickling Haechan.

While the rooftop fight was brief and full of laughter, they did end up with one scene that truly looked like a fight scene from a movie or show.

All of the members came at Jisung with their fists raised, only to be pushed away by his strength.

Although the group’s rooftop fight wasn’t as choreographed and polished as a movie scene, all that mattered was the fact they fulfilled their dream—and had NCTzens laughing along with them.


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