11 Hilarious Reactions To NCT Dream’s Upcoming Rooftop Fight

Fans have been waiting two years for it, and they’re hyped.

Back in 2019, NCT Dream revealed their one wish for when all the members finally become adults: a rooftop fight while wearing suits in the rain. When fans asked for an update on the fight in 2020, Renjun pointed out that they’re waiting for maknae Jisung to turn twenty years old.

With 2021 literally right around the corner, marking Jisung’s newfound status as an adult, fans shared their hilarious reactions to the upcoming rumble. Here are eleven of them for you to enjoy.

1. Who cares about Dispatch’s New Year’s couple when the fight is about to go down?

2. Renjun is the underdog you’ll want to be rooting for.

3. “Rooftop Fight,” coming to a home theater near you.

| @NE0VERSAL/Twitter

Funnily enough, this edit made it all the way to Chenle through Weibo. He complimented their visuals and pointed out the strongest fighter was in the center: himself.

4. There was a reason Lucas didn’t get to debut in NCT Dream:

5. There can’t be an NCT Dream rooftop fight without the suits.

| @jaewoosh98/Twitter

6. Renjun was preparing for this epic fight all along.

7. There are only two kinds of fighters in this fight:

8. Fans already know who’s going to be throwing hands the most.

9. Since Jaemin documents everything, he can’t miss this.

10. The people have spoken, Dispatch:

11. Jaemin might’ve been fooling everyone this whole time.