Renjun Spills On The Status Of NCT Dream’s Rooftop Fight

They can’t break their promise.

NCT Dream once said there was one thing they all wanted to do together when they become adults.


On a rainy day, they promised to wear suits and head up to a rooftop for an epic fight.

With most of the members reaching adulthood, a fan asked Renjun when they would go through with it during a live broadcast.

The conditions have to be just right for their fight. That’s why Renjun said they would have to wait until it rains. Upon thinking about it further, he thought about their maknae.

They’d be better off waiting until Jisung is also an adult since he’s currently at the age where they should be taking care of him.

Maybe after Jisung becomes a grownup. You have to take care of teenagers.

Their dream of fighting on a rooftop will have to wait just a bit longer. Listen to Renjun’s answer about their funny plan, starting at 22:04.