NCT DREAM Reveals Which 2nd Generation Group Inspired Their Recent Performance

Is it any surprise?

There is no denying that SHINee has been the standard-bearers in the industry in the world of K-Pop. For many fans, the group is the reason they found K-Pop, and, for artists, they are the idols they inspire to be.

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Is it any surprise that fellow SM Entertainment group NCT DREAM also keeps the group in mind whenever they perform or need inspiration?

The group recently appeared in a video for Studio Choom dancing to their track “Hot Sauce.” They also posted a video on their channel with some behind-the-scenes footage.

Mark pointed out that, although it was the group’s first time, they watched other performances from idols on the channel to prepare.

When asked which one they had watched, Jeno explained that it was SHINee’s recent performance of “Don’t Call Me.” In particular, he was in awe at Onew‘s part, where he sang live during the filming. After watching it, he said, “That was very cool.”

Mark also pointed out that, before them, Taemin shot a video for Studio Choom with his latest song, “Advice.”

Right before us, we heard that Taemin hyung was here. We’ll take his energy and do our best!

— Mark

NCT DREAM are phenomenal performers and, with the spirit of SHINee, there is no doubt it only pushed them even more!

You can watch the whole video below.

Source: FI and FI
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