NCT DREAM Were Stressed AF As Spoiler King Chenle Threatened To Spill Everything About Their New Comeback On Live

The notorious master of spoilers is at it again.

The members of NCT DREAM went live on Instagram on March 8, only for most of them to spend a considerable amount of time stressing over the threat of spoilers from Chenle. The group’s new album, Glitch Mode, will officially be releasing on March 28, with an online concert to celebrate it happening on April 5.

| @nct_dream/Instagram

Chenle has long been known as NCT‘s resident spoiler king, most notably having spoiled pretty much the entire Resonance album in 2020, which was the biggest NCT comeback to date at the time. He is so notorious for his tendency to spoil things that he is even recognized as the spoiler master, having given WayV‘s Kun and Xiaojun ‘tips’ on how to give spoilers properly when they visited his radio show to promote their unit in 2021.

| @nct_dream/Instagram

Though NCT DREAM’s 2022 comeback was hardly kept a secret, in a surprise of events it was Mark who accidentally spoiled it at this year’s Seoul Music Awards, forcing the members to prematurely confess to everything in a chaotic Instagram live after the event. By the time the comeback was officially announced, the members had already spilled everything but the title of the album. Therefore, given the spoiler-riddled track record that Glitch Mode already has, Chenle had the members hilariously stressed during the group’s most recent live.

While most of the members seemed to be doing their best to be cautious…

…Chenle was out there testing Mark‘s patience by teasing potential spoilers for the concert on April 5.

Mark really seemed to be going through it…

And he wasn’t the only one! Chenle’s mention of “Chewing Gum” being a part of the set list also had Renjun feeling anxious…

…to the point where he even suspected Jisung of wanting to spoil things when he talked about filming the new music video.

But of course, Jisung himself was also one of the people stressed by Chenle’s threatening to spoil everything.

And while the members didn’t catch it, fans were immediately suspecting Chenle of secretly giving away the choreography when he made some mysterious moves in front of the camera—just to add another potential spoiler to the mix.

It was Jeno who ended up being the one to step in to hilariously stop Chenle from giving spoilers ‘by force,’ grabbing Chenle’s hoodie and pulling it down completely over his face.

His desperate attempt to stop Chenle reminded fans of this hilarious moment from the past, proving that nothing much as changed.

As NCT DREAM gears up for their new album, they will probably have to continue to watch out for the spoiler king Chenle, who will no doubt continue to try to give fans hints here and there. In the meantime, we can’t wait to see whether he actually spoiled the choreography or not!