NCT Dream’s Chenle Cried When Renjun Sent An Emotional Video Message To His Parents In China

Both members understand how hard it is to be away from home and family for so long

As K-Pop becomes increasingly international, many foreign-born idols have debuted after leaving their home countries to train in South Korea.

Given how young these idols are and how daunting it is to move to a completely different country, many fans understand how emotional it is whenever they think about their family.

Such sentiments were expressed when NCT Dream made an appearance on the fifth episode of NCT Life Entertainment Retreat alongside their seniors Leeteuk and Shindong from Super Junior.

As they sat beside the campfire, Leeteuk asked the NCT Dream members to each send a video message to their parents to let them know they are doing well

Renjun was the first member to go. Given he is from China, he addressed how his parents were so worried about him moving all the way to South Korea as a child for a chance at debuting.

After I came to Korea, you were very worried about me … You’re worried about my health, whether I’m eating properly, whether I’m happy or not.

However, Renjun was unable to finish his sentence as he burst into tears.

Fellow Chinese member Chenle also looked sad after seeing this as if he understood and felt Renjun’s experiences.

Renjun was able to formulate the words he wanted to tell his parents.

I think you don’t have to worry about me, because I’m fine here.

Even though Renjun moved to a completely new environment where he not only had to learn a new language but also practise incredibly hard in hopes that his hard work would pay off.

Thankfully it did as Renjun debuted as a member of NCT Dream, showing that his talent and charms were recognised by SM Entertainment.

Additionally, while Renjun and Chenle undoubtedly would have encountered difficulties, they expressed how the other members always had their back, especially their gege Winwin.

Our members do help me. And there’s also Winwin gege and other gege who treat me very well so you don’t have to worry about me.

I love you forever


Chenle helped his fellow member out by handing him a tissue box but could also be spotted crying at Renjun’s video message.

Clearly he empathised with and understood exactly how Renjun felt about being away from his family and the worry it may have caused.

The other Korean idols were also touched by Renjun’s message. Even though it was in Chinese, they felt how emotional both Renjun and Chenle were by the message.

However, Chenle reaffirmed in his own video message to his parents that he was thankful for his members for all the help he received so he could successfully debut.

I didn’t know anything when I first came to Korea. A lot of people helped me when I didn’t know anything and I was able to debut with NCT Dream with their help.

Leeteuk reaffirmed this with some advice for NCT Dream saying that since they have debuted together, they are lifelong friends from now on.

Since then, the bond between NCT Dream has gotten stronger with Chenle and Renjun becoming even closer with their fellow members.

Chenle and Renjun will always be there for each other and so will the rest of NCT.