NCT Dream’s Chenle Takes Manner Hands To Another Level When This Woman Came In For A Hug

He knew exactly how to handle it.

NCT Dream were appointed as the first Global Ambassadors for the World Scout Foundation, releasing an English track “Fireflies” to commemorate it.

They even headed to the World Scout Jamboree where they caused mosh pits with their awesome performance. There was something else that captured everyone’s attention though and it was all thanks to Chenle.

A female member of the foundation went to give all the boys of NCT Dream a hug and each of them gave her polite taps on the back. When it was Chenle’s turn, he did something that had everyone taking another look.

Image source: @strawbfarmer

When she’d went in for a hug, Chenle leaned forward as if to reciprocate it. Unlike the rest of the group, he didn’t give her a tap on the back. In fact, he hadn’t hugged her at all. He’d leaned forward and held his hands in the air as if he had.

Even though they were in the US, where manner hands isn’t necessary, Chenle stuck with it and felt more comfortable doing it because he simply wanted to be respectful.