NCT Dream’s Haechan Has A Soft Spot For Chenle, Even If Chenle “Hates” Him

Haechan knew what he really meant.

In the first round of NCT Dream‘s Dream Golden Bell, they had to answer questions about Haechan. And, his reaction to Chenle‘s answer showed just how much he cared about him.


Haechan asked them to choose what was his favorite Overwatch character was and even gave the hint that it wasn’t the one he played the most. None of that seemed to matter to Chenle though.

Chenle wrote down his answer and made it a point to get Haechan’s attention. Once Haechan saw it, he held the board up and read it aloud: “I hate Haechan.” Jeno was ready to remove one of his stickers, but Haechan stopped him.

Instead, Haechan gave Chenle two stickers for the answer because it was “very unique.” Chenle cheered for his victory while Jeno was taken aback and said, “What the…” But, Haechan had also accepted it because it was Chenle, even turning down Renjun‘s compliment of him being handsome.

There’s special places in Haechan’s heart for all of his members, but there’s one just for Chenle. Watch him reward Chenle for answering with something that most people wouldn’t.