NCT Dream’s Renjun, Jeno and Jaemin Reveal What Their Ideal Summer Is

Some inspiration for your summer!

NCT Dream‘s Renjun, Jeno and Jaemin recently concluded a pictorial with Arena Homme that showed off their chic and mature sides. Jeno particularly made waves on the internet for this individual cut photo, where he was seen posing with a plum.

After the interview, the boys sat down for an interview about the summer season. When asked about their ideal way to spend the summer, Renjun said he “likes the feeling of a drive while looking at the bright sky and sea” while Jeno said he likes swimming. Jaemin revealed that you can enjoy various water leisure such as jetskies and yatchs”.

The interviewer then asked, what kind of person did they think was cool. “Someone that does what they want while developing a lot”, Jeno replied, while Jaemin answered, “rather than someone that looks flashy, someone that is detailed and firm.” Renjun said, “someone that knows who they are. Even if they don’t say they’re a cool person, someone that doesn’t spray perfume but draws people like they give off a good scent. That’s the kind of person I want to be.”

Upon being asked what they dream of, Jeno replied, “being a cool and happy person”, while Jaemin answered “dreams have to be big and sure. I want to receive love from more fans.” Lastly, Renjun said, “to be acknowledged by myself.”

Source: Arena Homme