NCT’s Haechan Reveals His Pricey Birthday Gifts From His Members…And It Will Make You Wish You Were In NCT, Too

They went all out on his gifts.

During an online broadcast, NCT’s Haechan showed fans the generous gifts his members got him for his birthday.

Mark splurged on an iPhone SE2 Red.

Meanwhile, Doyoung got him a classic Burberry wallet.

Taeyong went with an iPad 4 Pro to show his love.

As for clothes, Jungwoo gave him a Stone Island bucket hat while Johnny went with Balenciaga Speed Runners. Jaehyun chose Suicoke sandals.

The prices of each are listed below. In total, the boys spent upwards of $2500 on Haechan’s gifts!

After all of Haechan’s hard work during promotions, it seems his members are generously rewarding him for his efforts!

Source: Pann