NCT’s Haechan Moving Between Different Units In One Interview Is Iconic AF

No one could be in more than one place—until Haechan.

Following Haechan‘s appearance in NCT U‘s “Coming Home” nearly half a year ago, he’s become the second member to be in three of NCT’s units after Mark. With Jaemin and Jeno also joining NCT U, the dreamies are far from alone.

When all three of NCT’s Korea-based units appeared on KBS‘s Music Bank Half-Year Special, it posed an interesting problem for Haechan.

Since he’s part of all the units, Haechan couldn’t be in the middle of each one to be included in the close-up shots. So, he came up with an iconic way to make it possible.

NCT 127 kicked off the interview. Doyoung demanded everyone’s attention to tell them the inspiration behind their special stage. Since Haechan needed to be in the perfect spot to be captured, he scooted to his left, closer to Jaehyun.

When it was NCT Dream‘s time to shine, Haechan was more than ready. Sporting a smile, he scooted to the side once more. As soon as he heard their name, he adorably bumped into Jeno, making him sway to the side as well.

The only unit left to introduce was NCT U. Without Taeyong there to do the honors, Jaehyun stepped up to do it. This time, Haechan didn’t have to do much moving at all. Since he was already in the center, all he had to do was scoot back to it. He did it so effortlessly it wasn’t even caught on camera.

Seeing Haechan switch from NCT 127 to NCT Dream to NCT U wasn’t iconic only because of how effortlessly he moved between them. The adorable way he did it was far too amusing not to watch. No matter which unit needs him, Haechan is always working hard for each one.

Check out the humourous yet iconic way Haechan switches between the three units here.