Here Is How NCT’s Haechan Really Feels About Pursuing An Acting Career — And About Jeno And Jaemin’s Cameo In K-Drama “A-TEEN”

He got real honest about his thoughts on actor Haechan, Jaemin and Jeno.

NCT‘s Haechan recently released “Good Person,” his solo original soundtrack for the K-Drama Friends, showing off just what he can do as one of NCT’s main vocalists. The song is a remake of the original song by TOY, and a behind-the-scenes look at the recording shows not only how Haechan really stepped up to do the song full justice, but also how he feels about pursuing an acting career—and what he really thought about his members’ cameo in the web drama A-TEEN.

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Many fans felt that Haechan’s turn as a solo artist has long been overdue, with a Haechan solo being one of the most requested projects from SM Entertainment‘s NCT LAB. It seems like Haechan truly delivered, as his song even debuted at number 1 on the Melon 5 Minute Chart.

This has had many NCTzens feeling extremely proud of him, particularly since this project did not receive much promotion.

But Playlist Originals, the studio behind the drama Friends, did give fans a look at the process of the OST’s recording, also taking the opportunity to ask Haechan some questions about his own thoughts on web dramas, and specifically about his thoughts on acting—both in terms of his own career and on his members’ acting experience. The first question was, “Did you watch Jaemin and Jeno’s acting cameos in A-TEEN?

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Haechan’s honest opinion? He couldn’t even bring himself to watch it in full, saying that he just couldn’t watch his members do something like that. He also remembered that after Jaemin and Jeno starred in their cameo roles in 2018, the members would often hilariously tease them by using Jaemin’s “Hey, what are you doing?” line as a greeting.

I couldn’t finish watching it… I just couldn’t get myself to watch my members doing something like that… For a while, our greeting to each other was, “Hey, what are you doing?” So I’m sure they get embarrassed thinking about it too.

— Haechan

Perhaps given that experience, it seems like Haechan is not really interested in looking for an acting role for himself. When he was asked what he would do if he were given an offer for a cameo in a drama, Haechan hilariously responded by saying he’d rather just stick to singing.

Uh… I love singing. In the future, I’ll continue to do my best [at singing].

— Haechan

While Haechan’s charismatic stage presence and unrivaled comedic chops would surely make him a standout in a drama, particularly if it were a comedy, there is nothing to complain about in regards to his future plans; considering the success he’s already seeing with his single solo release so far, it will be exciting to see how far he goes as a singer in the future!

You can watch the full video of the “Good Person” recording below.


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