NCT’s Haechan And SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan Can Spice Up Any Game With Their Questionable Skill

No one can stop their fun, even when they’re caught.

On the surface, NCT Dream‘s Haechan and SEVENTEEN‘s Jeonghan may not appear to have much in common. Thanks to a shared skill, the pairing has more in common than you’d think.

Whenever they’re playing any type of game, they can’t resist spicing it up with a bit of hilarious cheating.

During NCT Dream’s sitdown with STAR K, the group played a game where they tried to guess the correct TMI fact of each member, writing their guesses down on their whiteboards.

Catching everyone off guard, Chenle asked his members to guess what he’d eaten for breakfast. No matter how he thought about it, Haechan just couldn’t figure it out.

He then attempted to do one of his favorite things: cheat. Having no shame, Haechan glanced over at Jeno‘s whiteboard and copied down his answer.

Because Haechan was so blatant about it, there was no way for Jeno to miss it. He wasn’t phased by it, watching him do it. Smiling, Jeno called him out, “Oh, you’re really out here cheating like that, aren’t you?”

To be fair, the members don’t mind a little cheating if they’re smooth enough not to get caught. At least, by more than a few of them.

In Jeonghan’s case, he was a bit more straightforward about his cheating. During SEVENTEEN’s second half of Four Wheeled Rider, he didn’t want to complete the obstacle course like everyone else. Instead, he bluntly asked, “Can I cheat?”

Just like Jeno, none of them were surprised by his question. Seungkwan wanted to see how he’d be able to get away with it right in from of them and asked him to give a demonstration. “How will you do it?”

Jeonghan didn’t have to be told twice. While riding the tiny bicycle, he began the obstacle course, picking up the cones in his way and placing them behind him. DK cracked up from seeing his method, while Wonwoo and Jun watched with smiles on their faces. In the end, they let it pass.

Why do Haechan and Jeonghan spice up the games this way? Jeonghan gave his reason after The8 roasted him. He shouted, “It’s fun!”

If the two ever played a game together, it wouldn’t be a traditional game. Watching them try to cheat their way through it, on top of keeping it hidden from the other, would be hilarious. Haechan and Jeonghan would get along far too well.

See their entertaining moments of getting caught but being so skilled that no one wanted to disqualify them.