NCT’s Haechan Mentions Recent Surprise Meeting With Lucas And Winwin

Everyone had been surprised by the chance meeting.

On a live broadcast held by NCT‘s Johnny and Haechan, they discussed their trip to Indonesia which led them to mention Lucas.


Although Johnny couldn’t remember the last time he saw him in person, Haechan mentioned seeing him recently since Lucas and NCT Dream go to the same hair salon.

Upon meeting by chance there, Haechan said both him and Lucas were so surprised they could only say, “What?” He wasn’t the only WayV member Haechan had seen that day.

Haechan also mentioned seeing Winwin and expressed how happy he’d been reuniting with one of NCT 127’s members.

I was so happy to see him.

Any run-ins between WayV and NCT’s other units are welcome to see. Listen to Haechan talk about the meeting at 18:01.