NCT’s Haechan And Ten Once Got Ripped Off By A Photographer When They Were Still Trainees

Talk about a bonding moment!

NCT‘s Haechan and Ten have been through a lot together, from training to SM Rookies to NCT. But this one hilarious episode from when they were still in their training period is definitely unique to them and something newer fans might not know about!

Haechan (left) and Ten (right). | @Pressit_kr/Twitter

Back when the two of them hadn’t officially debuted yet, Ten and Haechan went out around town. Ten had only just moved to Korea from his home country, Thailand. And Haechan, who is four years younger than Ten, was only a child!

| SM Rookies

So when the two went to get photographed, they were charged a wildly high amount of money: ₩60,000 KRW (about $51.00 USD)! The two of them revealed what happened during a special Valentine’s Day event in 2018.  The fans were shocked to hear how much they were charged!

Ten: This picture is from when I first moved to Korea.

Haechan: I know it looks like a good memory, but there’s a story to that picture. When we went to get it taken, we actually got ripped off and ended up paying a lot more. I was too young and Ten was not from the country… So for 6 copies of this tiny picturewe paid ₩60,000 KRW (about $51.00 USD).


Later that year, Haechan shared the photograph on Twitter for other fans to see their iconic portrait.

Here’s the picture we took back then, for ₩60,000 KRW [about $51.00 USD]. It’s precious. We weren’t too close just yet, but now this picture means a lot to us. Haha.

– Haechan (@NCTsmtown_127/Twitter)

| @NCTsmtown_127/Twitter

While it’s unfortunate that they got ripped off like that, at least they got a hilarious story out of it and fans got this iconic photograph! Check out some more precious photos of pre-debut NCT below.

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