NCT Haechan’s Caring Way Of Treating A Child Has Everyone Running To Stan

Haechan is taking the crown for being best boy.

NCT 127‘s Haechan is often seen as super charismatic or extremely playful. There’s a softer side to the idol that made everyone melt when he took care of a child.

Haechan | @haechanahceah/Instagram

While stopping in Jakarta, Indonesia for their NEO CITY – THE LINK + world tour, the group met with a particular fan. They welcomed the adorable young NCTzen Mali. A moment between Mali and Haechan quickly caught fans’ attention.

Haechan noticed that Mali’s hands were full, holding their snacks. Without anyone asking, the idol grabbed a bag and held it out for Mali.

Mali put their snacks in the bag. As if that wasn’t enough to warm fans’ hearts, Mali’s mother shared another moment that happened off-camera.

Making sure that Mali had everything they could ever want, Haechan gave the child even more snacks. That wasn’t the end of Haechan’s sweet moments with Mali.

When Mali said they wanted to be an idol in the future, Haechan and Yuta were quick to protect Mali from the danger that came with it.

After seeing Haechan’s thoughtful actions toward Mali, everyone agreed on how caring Haechan was. Who wouldn’t want someone as sweet as Haechan by their side?

| @NCTsmtown_127/Twitter


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