NCT Haechan’s Idea Of Heaven On Earth Is Relatable AF

Especially if you like food.

Since NCT 127 were discussing the filming of “Highway To Heaven” with People, they were asked what their version of heaven on Earth was.

Leader Taeyong revealed his sentimental choice first. He chose his mother’s arms because it’s the one place where he always feels safe and misses it when he’s away.

Johnny chose music because it gives people the freedom to simply be themselves and not worry about anything else.

When it was Haechan‘s turn, his answer took a completely different route. He chose a samgyupsal (grilled pork belly) restaurant. And, only he could give the perfect explanation why:

Heaven on earth is truly this — where there’s delicious food and my heart is happy!

Despite being the maknae of the group, he realizes that the little things in life make people happier than something bigger. After all, who becomes unhappy with a full stomach?

Source: People