NCT’s Jaehyun Couldn’t Hide His Shy Reaction After Making A Heart With APRIL’s Naeun

It was impossible for him to hide his adorably shy reaction:

With the holidays fast approaching, Inkigayo amped up the festive spirit with a special performance of “My Only Wish” from their MCs!


Although MONSTA X‘s Minhyuk wasn’t able to join in the fun, NCT‘s Jaehyun and APRIL‘s Naeun brought some major holiday cheer with their flawless performance.


While Jaehyun and Naeun delighted fans with the song, there’s another reason why everyone’s falling for this particular performance — Jaehyun’s adorably shy reaction to his and Naeun’s hand heart!


At the very end of the performance, Naeun and Jaehyun brought their hands together to form a perfect hand heart. While this is what it looked like during the filming…


This is what happened right afterward!


The special Jaehyun focus cam version of the performance showed every single second of his adorably shy reaction! Just look at all that cuteness!


Fans are experiencing some major uwu from his super-shy reaction…


And so will you! Make sure you check out the original version of the special along with the Jaehyun focus cam to soak in all that festive cheer and pure cuteness!