NCT’s Jaehyun Is Attending Milan Fashion Week As Brand Ambassador For Prada, And He’s Teasing A Totally New Look

We’re going to see him looking expensive AF.

As brand ambassador for Prada, NCT‘s Jaehyun is set to attend this year’s Milan Fashion Week, and he’s already teasing fans with a glimpse of his new look.

Jaehyun | @_jeongjaehyun/Instagram

It’s safe to say Jaehyun’s partnership with Prada has been a successful one. In 2021, fans were proud to see how much engagement Jaehyun’s social media received, especially since it was actually more than Prada’s itself on occasions in which he promoted the brand.

Jaehyun even became the only celebrity to livestream a Prada show that season, which Prada officials confirmed was a decision they made because they thought Jaehyun’s luxurious image fits well with the brand.” 

This year, Jaehyun has proved his presence by being one of the most searched K-Pop idols so far…

…while #Jaehyun and #PradaxJaehyun trended worlwide at number 5 and 6 respectively almost as soon as it was revealed that he would attend Milan Fashion Week.

But it’s not just through social media that Jaehyun has represented the brand well. Jaehyun has pulled off some incredible looks while drenched in Prada, many of which fans are unlikely to forget any time soon. Jaehyun is known for his clean and sophistacted visuals, so it’s easy to see how well he fits with the brand’s image.

| @_jeongjaehyun/Instagram

Now, Jaehyun is set to attend Prada SS23 at Milan Fashion Week, and fans are getting excited. Not only is this a big moment for Jaehyun in terms of his solo activities…

…but it’s also an opportunity for him to showcase a brand new, memorable look.

And as his recent social media updates show, he’s ready to do just that! He confirmed he was on his way to Milan through a recent Instagram story on June 15…

| @_jeongjaehyun/Instagram

…and perhaps more intriguingly, he also teased fans with a glimpse at his brand new hair color.

| @_jeongjaehyun/Instagram

Given that it’s rare to see the members of NCT engage in such major events solo, fans were taken somewhat by surprise by Jaehyun’s story.

But it was not the only tease he gave about his new hair, however. He also went on Dear U. Bubble to chat with fans, who understandably had questions about his new look. Jaehyun confirmed that he has, in fact, bleached his hair, which he’s doing after a long time.

Fans are naturally curious about the color…

…but it’s likely he won’t fully show it until June 19.

| @_jeongjaehyun/Instagram

With Jaehyun attending Milan Fashion Week and with his K-Drama, Dear.M, due to be aired in July, fans are excited about all the solo Jaehyun content that they’ll be getting in this month.

These activities have been a long time coming, and given how iconic Johnny‘s appearance at the Met Gala was, it’ll be exciting to see Jaehyun steal the show in Milan!

Source: Envimedia