NCT’s Jaehyun Gains Attention For Basically Being Perfect – 5 Facts About His Family Environment

We’ll take one Jaehyun to-go please.

NCT‘s Jaehyun has always been known as an umchinah, or mom’s friend’s son – basically someone you’d get compared to because he was so perfect. From his professor parents to his upbringing in the United States, fans have compiled 5 reasons about his family environment as to why he seems like he jumped out of a book!

1. His dad’s interesting taste

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While NCT’s debut song, “The 7th Sense”, under their unit, NCT U, may not be to everyone’s tastes, the particular style of music was appreciated by Jaehyun’s father. In an interview, he shared that his dad really liked it as it was a new genre of music! Props to having such advanced and acquired taste!

2. He got it from his mama

Jaehyun shared that he learnt piano from his mother initially, as she had been playing the instrument since she was young.


This was particularly interesting to fans as his mother ended up a professor rather than an a pianist or musical artiste. Looks like being multi-talented runs in the family.

3. His grandma is an artiste too

Jaehyun personally revealed that his grandmother would watch his performances on television and text him reviews of it after. This is as his grandmother has a background in Korean modern dance, and hence is able to provide some technical advice for him!

4. He has a cousin who is half-English

On a radio show, Jaehyun revealed that his cousin is half-English and they spent their childhoods together in Busan, at his grandmother’s place. This could be a reason why his English is so good, apart from the fact that he studied in Connecticut for awhile in his boyhood.

5. He would wash dishes for his parents

According to Jaehyun, he would do the dishes for his family after coming home as his parents both worked. On days he was visiting his home, he would reach late as he was a trainee. However, his mother would be busy working as well. Once, there was two days worth of dishes in the sink, and Jaehyun did it all for his family! His mother was so touched that she texted him a thank you.

It seems like fans deeply agree!

What would Jaehyun have become if he didn’t choose to become an idol? We can’t imagine as he’s absolutely killing it where he is right now.

Source: Pann